Team Membook is present at Europe’s leading startup event SLUSH. This year we attend with a bigger team and with clear goals in mind. We have learned from previous visits and from the tips others have kindly published. You might want to have a look at this piece by Sani Leino on LinkedIn or The Liid Blog. We have also carefully read the original ”How to hack Slush” guide.

As advised in the “How to…” guide, 80% of the work happens before the event! So it has been for us, too. We have updated our business cards, rehearsed our elevator pitch and prepared a lot of materials to share with – and show to – potential partners and other interested people. You can check out our Membook-at-slush flyer for starters if curious!

With our marketing team, we have crystallized our mission and vision and carefully re-thought our competitive edge. Our pitch deck is ready for potential investors. For social media, we have created lots of SLUSH-themed materials for easy sharing before, during and after the event. And so much more!

Being well prepared is part of the fun and enables us to fully enjoy this amazing event. Listen to great speakers, network, leave room for serendipity and get inspired from founders’ stories around the world. So, see you at SLUSH, folks – well prepared and with lots of energy bars and and an empty water bottle!